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Worshipers: Hope of Freelandia


By Kent Larson

The parables of Jesus are not important because they are stories …but because of the truths contained therein. In the same way, Christian adventures which impart powerful spiritual truths have far more potential impact than books on theology – if for no other reason than they are likely to be read by far more people. This series focuses on central Christian issues such as the value of each and every life, the power of trusting God in hopeless situations, and the ability of worship to draw us closer to God. The fact that the message is carried through an adventure story just makes it all the more likely to be remembered and shared.

In book two, the fate of Freelandia hangs in the balance as an evil flotilla boxes in the harbor, spies infiltrate the capital, and an evil temptress entices a key player in the nation’s future. The hope of this tiny nation lies not in military strength, but in the Lord’s protection. Its rescue depends upon the most unlikely of characters – a rogue inventor who sees what others miss; an old blind warrior thrust into the heart of the evil Dominion Empire; and an orphan whose soul-reaching musical gifts call the heart of the nation to repentance. Book two of the Freelandia trilogy portrays the stage upon which the entire world will either be plunged into darkness or turned toward the Light.

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