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Warriors: Darkness over Freelandia


By Kent Larson

A daring rescue is attempted deep within the enemies’ territory while naval and land battles will decide the fate of the world. Warships deliver hordes of invaders who are bent on the utter destruction of Freelandia – the last bastion of hope standing against the Dominion armies (and the evil spiritual power behind them). And leading the Freelandian army is a young girl whose ability to worship with abandon is her only weapon against the encroaching evil.
Book Three of the Freelandia Trilogy brings Watchers and Worshipers together to create the mightiest warriors the world has ever known. But will it be enough?
You are invited to join in on what is prayerfully more than a simple adventure. Unlike Freelandia, our world is full of books depicting worldly adventures that sadly not only fail to give credit to God, but seem to revel in ignoring the Creator. They assign the supernatural to demons, but not to angels, experiences to luck or chance and not to our Savior, and success to human ability instead of to God’s grace. If you begin to wonder if God could really be like He is depicted in the story, then I have accomplished some good. If you catch a spark of what living with Holy Spirit’s power might be like, if it makes you give glory to our wonderful loving God in any way, then all of the efforts to write it and get it into your hands were well worthwhile. May this story be known for any blessings it brings.

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