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For the first time in America’s history, those who believe we have been supernaturally created by God is the minority of our population.

At the same time, we are witnessing the rapid deterioration of civility and increasing intolerance for any viewpoint which challenges consensus opinion in America.  Witness the widespread violence and hatred following President Trump’s election; lawsuits and insults toward anyone promoting a Biblical view of human sexuality morality; and fanaticism surrounding global climate change and insults hurled at anyone who would dare question the majority consensus on this subject.  It seems the day of civil discussion is rapidly changing to the suppression and intimidation of any but a consensus viewpoint – at all costs.  What is behind this shift?

I believe it is the emboldening of a naturalistic, atheist worldview within our nation.   Only 38% of our population now believes we were created by God.  This is a startlingly rapid 8% decline since 2014.   At the same time, the atheist belief that evolution has transformed bacteria into people, with no involvement by God, has increased 10% in the last 4 years.  Atheism is now the fastest growing religious belief in America.  The large group in between still believes that bacteria became people but somehow think God was sort of…somehow… involved in this process???

On a spiritual level, our nation has rounded a critical corner on its trip away from Biblical Christianity.  For over two hundred years the most prevalent origins belief in America was that human beings were literally created by God.  This implies that we are accountable for our actions to this Creator.  It means that there are moral absolutes and no amount of human consensus opinion-polling will change this reality.  If we have been created, it is God, not consensus opinion, who brings value and purpose to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

But an even more ominous side of the current intolerance is around the next corner.  As the proportion of Americans who believe in a literal Creator continues to decline, we will be seen as a threat to our own children.  How dare we deceive them by talking about a Creator as if that were true?

Where we came from is the foundation for the freedoms of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  These freedoms will be increasingly curtailed as human opinion replaces God and biblical principles.   Once God is eliminated, only human opinions are left to guide us on issues such as the value of life, use of natural resources, sexual morality, and whether parents or consensus opinion should be primarily responsible for influencing the beliefs of the next generation.  And as has happened throughout human history, without the restraining influence of God, some non-Godly group will suppress all other opinions by any means necessary to maintain control and power.  We are witnessing exactly that happening before our eyes in America.

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