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“With men it is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.”
– Matthew 19:26


Those who have been closely following our ministry understand that we had an amazing impact within the public schools of Fiji last spring. As a direct result of presentations on creation and the gift of one of our creation devotionals to each student, thousands committed their lives to Christ as they saw the Bible connected to everything else they were learning in school. In our thirty years of ministry we have never witnessed such a response to the creation message. We are so committed to getting these materials into the hands of an entire generation of students that we have purchased enough paper for the printing of a hardcover version of our color devotional for every student in Fiji – 250,000 copies. The paper and cost of an initial printing of 30,000 copies of Pearls in Paradise was $300,000.

One generous donor saw the impact of this mission outreach and donated ALL of the funds for this part of the project!

In order to keep the cost low, we had to order all of the paper at once but the remaining 220,000 books need to be printed within the next 12 months. The total remaining cost of the project, including printing, storage, shipping, distribution, and spending 2 or more months giving presentations in Fiji public schools, will be approximately $500,000. We have never taken on such a “God-sized” project of this magnitude. If you have never made a tax-deductible donation to our non-profit ministry …WE COULD REALLY USE YOUR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE! This project literally will change the destiny of an entire nation.

Every $2 donated will result in a beautiful, hardcover, color devotional being placed in the hands of a student.

These creation books will be treasured, shared with family and friends, and passed from one generation to the next. Pearls in Paradise effectively connects God’s Word to science, history, and reality. If you are able to give $50 or more, you will receive a signed copy of this beautiful book as a reminder to pray for the people of the South Pacific. You can see the complete book at this HERE.


Thank you for all your help in the past. We trust the Lord to use thousands of supporters to provide the funds needed for this project. Our plan is to use the same method (school presentations and book distribution) to present the gospel in other nations with English-speaking public schools – such as Papua New Guinea, Philippines, New Zealand, and seventeen other South Pacific Island nations. Take time to watch this 4 minute video to see the impact of our first book distribution in Fiji:

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  • Marika Prasad
    Posted October 26, 2021 at 4:27 am

    I’m so Blessed to be a part of the distribution of the Pearl of Paradise in Fiji…..

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