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Wowed By One


Complied By Lacei Grabill

Wowed by One seeks to help its readers grow in their knowledge of and love for Jesus, no matter if they are still wrestling with whether He is real or if they have experienced His goodness and power for years. In this awe-inspiring book, forty incredible women share their stories—their real-life encounters with the God of the universe and their precious moments of being wowed by Him. Each of these one-hundred stories is followed by questions for reflection, making this book perfect for devotions or discussions with friends and family.

These breathtaking stories will create a curiosity about the supernatural and a realization that there may be more to this “God thing” than was previously considered. For certain readers, this book will reinforce what they already believe—that there is a God who is full of unconditional love and who delights in blowing the human mind.

Written to bring God the glory, honor, and praise He deserves, Wowed by One is filled with evidence of just how spectacular the journey towards Him can be.

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