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By Bruce Malone

Brilliant is a beautifully illustrated full-color, sewn hardcover which ties history to Biblical truth. Each page of the 128 page book shows an artifact or example from some ancient culture demonstrating the inventiveness, intelligence, or Biblical knowledge of ancient mankind. Every page also prominently features a timeline tying the artifact featured on that page to a 6000 year Biblical timeline and shows how ancient cultures and Biblical events fit into world history. This book ties biblical truth to true world history like no other book reinforces the reality that the Bible provides a true history of all of reality.

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4 reviews for Brilliant

  1. Mark Heilman

    I loved the concise Godly facts and beautiful supporting pictures so much I bought 10 books.
    The books are circulating from family & friends to others.
    I enjoyed reviewing many of these topics further on the internet.

  2. Nollie

    If time is money you’ve made me a wealthier woman.

  3. Craig Ewoldt

    This gorgeous book puts the history of humanity in a whole new perspective. Ancient humans were often technologically advanced, but we aren’t taught about that. It gives evidence that helps to build our faith. The book is also beautiful, interesting, and very readable and makes a great gift. The format is one topic per page, which means you can read it a little bit at a time–for myself, I devoured it in just a couple of settings. We have bought this book in quantities for gift giving. This ministry gives generous quantity discounts that makes this possible.

  4. Donald McKay

    Thank you, Bruce, for a very helpful coverage of censored or hidden science in this book and its DVD. We too give them away (“to keep or pass along”) as we find open minds and hearts. Holding your books in my hands and reading them is one thing; finding folks “searching for the truth” and hungry to find and wisely use it is sadly another thing. Press on, brother!

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