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How to Cover Mt. Everest with Water

How could Mt. Everest, 29,000 feet above sea level, have been covered by the flood waters of Noah?

There is a trap that many people, including many scientists, fall into – they assume that the way things are now is the way they have always been. This is especially true in geology – where the very foundation of geologic interpretation is “uniformitarianism”, i.e. the belief that the rate of current processes is the key to understanding the past.

The continents of the Earth are currently moving away from each other at an excruciatingly slow rate of one inch per year.  It is assumed that the Himalayan Mountains are the result of the India continental plate shoving into the Asian continental plate and buckling up the rock layers.  At current rates this would have taken millions of years to have occurred and would have happened tens of millions of years ago.  But does this make sense?

Observation #1 – The rock layers at the top of Mt. Everest are made from sediments containing the shells of sea creatures.  So obviously, these rock layers formed under water…but when?

Observation #2 – Imagine two enormous freight trains coming together at a neck break speed of 0.000000002 miles per hour (1 inch per year).  Would an enormous pileup of the freight cars occur?  No.  They would barely bump, and one or the other would be shoved backwards.  Now imagine the same enormous trains colliding 10 billion times faster (at miles per hour).  The momentum would cause an enormous pileup of the cars as the wreckage was forced to heap upward around the tracks.

Observation #3 – The rate of mountains currently being eroded by wind, rain, and freeze/thaw cycles would reduce mountains to rubble in far less than the 20 million year “supposed age” of the Himalaya mountains.  It is hard to image why such erosion would have been slower in the past or why the mountains still exist if they are so old.

So how did the mountains get so high above the oceans of the world?  One well-documented possibility is that these mountains did not even exist before 5000 years ago.  One of the world’s top geophysicist modelers, Dr. John Baumgardner, has demonstrated that runaway subduction could have moved entire continental plates at miles per hour during the flood of Noah.  The world’s sedimentary rock layers were formed underwater and are filling with trillions of dead organisms which were buried under enormous amounts of sediment.  The mountains of the world were formed rapidly and recently during the later stages of this flood.

How could the flood of Noah have covered Mt. Everest?  It didn’t, because the mountains of the world are actually the result of rapid catastrophic changes during the flood of Noah, not the current slow processes of today.  By leaving the Bible out of their thinking, evolutionary scientists are led to the wrong conclusion about why the world looks the way it does.

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