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The Recipe for Life

The Recipe for Life Apparently the recipe for life only has one ingredient: JUST ADD WATER. Last week NASA announced yet again the discovery of more “Earth-like” planets. These planets are orbiting a star only 40 light years from Earth and they seem to be the correct size and distance from their sun that liquid water…

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Not Some Little Boat

The Best Natural History Museum in the World I was recently able to tour Answer in Genesis’ Ark Encounter.  Our country is filled with natural history museums which attempt to present an accurate portrayal of Earth’s history while completely removing God from history.  Thus they systematically lead students to the conclusion that God has never…

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Inauguration 2017

Inauguration a Fresh Wind Blowing Across the Land America’s most serious problems all stem moral relativism, not an economic mismanagement.  Self-serving politicians are driven by greed and the desire for power.  Government overspending is theft from future generations.  Wealth redistribution devalues hard work and encourages laziness.  Laws that penalize (or reward) one group of citizens…

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